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 Evans , Georgia
We are located in beautiful Evans, GA!  
Right near the heart of the CSRA and home to the
Augusta National Golf Club, Augusta, GA.
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Our Beliefs

At Catalyst, we believe that great leadership is the single, ​most important factor affecting the direction, climate, and success of organizations.
Always has been...always will be.

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Michael E. Perry, Ph.D

Dr. Perry values the unique perspective his experiences provide, equipping him with a distinctive ability to connect to a diverse blend of people and to work with poise in any setting or situation. Michael is sought after for his candor, compassion, and ability to help his clients envision previously unseen possibilities.  

Michael has been a force for organizational transformation through cultivating meaningful relationships, building trust, and empowering people.

Wendy M. Perry, MS
In her keynote presentations, Wendy  introduces key strategies that will inspire and motivate you to achieve your personal and professional goals and empower you to connect, move, and grow to gear up for success! 

Wendy skillfully leads you on a journey of self-reflection and self-discovery to uncover ways to tap into and realize your full potential!  Prepare to transform and Get Ready to Grow!
Mike & Wendy

Frequently called a "Dynamic Duo", Mike and Wendy combine forces and over 40 years of leadership experience to engage groups of any size and lead them through fun and insightful exercises that faciliate
connection and growth.  
From Married Couples to large Corporations,
your group facilitation starts here!
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“Michael and Wendy are such a pleasure to work with. When asking them to speak to small businesses during Small Business Week about performing under pressure they exceeded all expectations. They were informative, engaging, and fun. They kept the audience’s attention and gave them information that could be applied to their own business. I would highly recommend them to any group for speaking engagements.”

~Cassidy Harris, Columbia County
"Dr. Mike Perry is such a dynamic, engaging speaker; we felt very lucky to have him for our annual Professional Development Day (for Project Managers), as a key note and workshop leader. His keynote presentation (“Showing Teams how to Communicate Effectively") and his workshop ("Art of Communications") was rated Excellent by our audience members.  His presentation was so well received we invited him back for our monthly dinner meeting as our key note speaker.  Dr. Perry's material truly resonated with our audience of leaders and managers; his message is one that is career and life changing.  Well done Dr. Perry!"
~John Doran, Vice President, Information Warfare/Cyber Warfare
Mission Essential

"Wendy taught a session for our Women on the Way program, geared toward 23 – 30 year old women just entering their first career roles, and she did a great job!  She lead the ‘Being a Female Powerhouse’ session and was extremely engaging for our newer members in the program.  She hit on all of the points I requested of her – and more – and I received  positive feedback from my participants regarding her session.  Wendy was well prepared and informative and added great value to our program session."

~Rachel Ellefson, Programs Manager
"Thank you Wendy Perry for your inspiring speech tonight at Nursing Showcase, reminding nurses that we are what we teach and that we should not put ourselves last.  I truly enjoyed every minute.  Besides being extremely knowledgeable you also had a wonderful delivery and a great sense of humor!  You were awesome!!!!"

~Leslie Edney, President CSRA Chapter of GNA

  1. You Are What You Teach: Self-Care before HealthCare
    You Are What You Teach: Self-Care before HealthCare
  2. Workplace Communication
    Workplace Communication
  3. Diversity Workshop
    Diversity Workshop
  4. How To Be A Female Powerhouse
    How To Be A Female Powerhouse
  5. Executive Coaching
    Executive Coaching
  6. Follow the Leader
    Follow the Leader
  7. Women's Equality Day Keynote
    Women's Equality Day Keynote
  8. Team Catalyst
    Team Catalyst
  9. Keynote  EO Program
    Keynote EO Program
  10. Mike and Wendy
    Mike and Wendy
  11. What We Offer at Catalyst
    What We Offer at Catalyst
  12. Team Catalyst
    Team Catalyst
We focus on the development of your strategic leaders and key personnel to maximize organization-wide impact.  We believe a leader's ability to tap into shared values and foster a culture of
CONNECTION sets the stage for leveraging the collective talents of each member to achieve results they could never achieve individually.  

​​We believe that a unified team leverages the strengths of all its members, providing MOVEMENT
toward goals and progress toward a common vision.  We provide tools that help get leaders and their organizations 
move, build momentum and get results.

With Connection and Movement comes GROWTH--growth of an organization and the professionals it employs.  Catalyst is committed to partnering with you on your journey toward developing more effective leaders, cultivating a thriving workforce,  and achieving your goals.